Potential Layout

potentiallytblue Potential Layout

Normally I don’t preview my layouts to anyone, which is probably a huge mistake, so I decided to go for it this time!

I’ve uploaded it to Favwork, so you can comment or “like” it over there, or just comment here. You can always email me, too.

What I’ve Been Up To

36 What Ive Been Up To

I build a lot of different website layouts to test different theories, play with new design elements or, in this case, play with a flippin’ awesome new framework. Most of them are abandoned pretty quickly, but some I pull out to work on every so often.

This particular layout was created specifically to play with the FEM CSS Framework. After fleshing it out using the Grey Box method I added colours from the palette Conspicuous Creep.

Things are out of alignment and the colours are still a work in progress, but I’ve had enough for tonight and since I’ve been pretty quiet here lately I thought you guys might like to see what I’ve been doing.

The Big Redesign

It’s been almost a month in the making, but I’m finally rolling out the new look for Babblative! A few things have changed, actually a lot has changed, but not so much that it’s totally unrecognizable… I hope.

What’s New?

Most of the website was built from scratch, the most obvious holdovers being the X/HTML and styles (more on that in a bit) and the Textpattern tutorials. Other than that I ditched my old archives, abandoned most of the content and started fresh so that I could make my site make more sense for the both of us.

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The Pencil Project (Wireframing)

Not that long ago I found this wonderful little program called Balsamiq Mockups. I immediately downloaded it and started pushing buttons and fiddling with things.

I loved it. The only downside is the $75 price tag which, if you’re like me and on a strict budget, is probably worth it to most others. So I played with it until the trial finished, or rather almost finished, and started hunting for a cheaper, or better yet free, alternative.

The first place I went was AlternativeTo to see what other options there were. There I found two options that fit the bill: The Pencil Project and ScreenSketcher (which is roughly $10 less than Balsamiq Mockups.)

A third option that I looked at but didn’t really consider that closely was Lovely Charts. I never bothered signing up, so if you do let me know how it works out for you.

I downloaded Pencil and I’ve been making mockup after mockup after mockup. Two of which have already made it well past the initial design stages. It has a “clean” set of wireframes and a sketchy set as well. It’s free, it works on most platforms and it’s pretty darn sexy.

So go on, give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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