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When I last used Word­Press I was a total plu­gin junkie. Any­one remem­ber before it redi­rected you to the offi­cial plu­gin direc­tory? I remem­ber when I first found it after switch­ing from Cute­news of all things. Most of my time was spent on there gaz­ing in won­der at the options the plu­g­ins provided.

Fast for­ward nearly a decade later and I haven’t really changed that much. Once I’d put together a basic theme for myself to build upon I went plu­gin hunt­ing and wound up with a bunch of great plu­g­ins. Enough chitchat, though, let’s get on with it.

Admin­is­tra­tion Plugins

First and fore­most you need to install Flu­ency Admin because it is quite pos­si­bly the most deli­cious admin panel I’ve seen in a while.

Fluency Admin



I truly adore the idea of arrang­ing my posts, not only by cat­e­gory and tag, but also by series! It’s called Orga­nize Series and I don’t think I could live with­out it.

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