Do Gay Men Like Fat Women?

Posted by Becky on Jan 8, 04:16 PM

I’ve been looking through my search keywords and I noticed that I get some funny questions that just go to waste, so I thought why not use them? I’m not sure that this will be a regular thing, this is just a test.

Dearest Becky,

Do gay men like fat women?

Fat Woman

Dear Fat Woman,

I’m not really sure that you understand what gay means. Unless you mean happy, but even that doesn’t make any sense. A gay man is someone who is attracted to people of his own sex, a homosexual. The difference between you and a man is that a man has a penis and probably has more testosterone and a lot more body hair that he is, usually, unwilling to shave. You may have a lot of body hair that you too are unwilling to shave, a strong musk that can only be described as “male” and a fondness for scratching your balls, but you lack the penis that gay men love so much.

So, no, gay men do not like fat women. Some may like fat men, but that is because they’re desperate and those fat men have penises. You do not have a penis. Hopefully you’re able to see where I’m going with this.

If I weren’t as nice as I am I’d probably send your query over to Kate Harding. She’d probably have a field day with this one since you’re implying that fat women are more masculine than their slimmer counterparts. You’d probably be called a douchehound, they’d break out their fat hater bingo card and then ban you from the internet, if it sounds almost as bad as being forced to read every book in the Twilight series that’s because it is.

You can thank me later with money.

Wondering what the hell is wrong with people these days,


January 08, 2009

I always wonder what the hell people are thinking when they search for certain things, but this is just priceless. I definitely hope you make this a regular thing.

As a side note, I wish it were somehow possible to click on a search term and meet the person(s) who wrote it. It would kind of make my life complete.


January 09, 2009


I don’t understand some people…
Please continue posting those weird queries. This is like Lauren said, priceless.


January 14, 2009

Haha, this is hilarious. I really hope you continue to post more of these. Like Lauren said, I’d love to meet the person who searched this :P